Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Creating Lapbooks

I have not been posting as much on here as I have been the past few months.  I have been deep in the creating process!  I have been creating my own lapbook unit studies from books my kids are enjoying.  So far I have created an American Girl Rebecca lapbook unit study, a Magic Tree House Dinosaur study, and a Magic Tree House Knight study.  You can check them out here: here, on the Products page.

I will also be doing a give away of the Magic Tree House Dinosaur lapbook study on my Facebook page if we reach 200 likes before April 15, 2013!  So stop on by and like our page if you want to keep up to date on all the give aways!  Last month we gave away the American Girl Rebecca lapbook unit study for reaching 100+ likes.

I hope to get more blog posts going again soon.  Now that I have my creation process figured out on these, they should become faster and easier to create.  The first one (AG Rebecca) took me about 100 hours!  It includes all 6 books in the series, and has plans for a 6 week study about that time period.

Currently I am working on The Wizard of Oz lapbook study, American Girl Julie lapbook unit study, and plan to continue the Magic Tree House lapbook studies as well.

Other book study lapbooks my kids have asked for are:

Magic Tree House to continue
American Girl to continue
and several history related topics...

American Girl Rebecca lapbook

American Girl Rebecca lapbook

Magic Tree House Dinosaur lapbook
Book NOT included

Magic Tree House Knight lapbook
Book NOT included

Dinosaur Lapbook Completed by my youngest.
AG Kit supplement lapbook completed by younger daughter.

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